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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Interesting iOS 10 Includes Security-Related News

In recent days there has been much talk about the main novelties of iOS 10 different applications such as Messaging, Maps ... But another aspect in which large changes is safety are expected, and is that with iOS 10 Apple introduces the system " Differential Privacy ".

That security and user privacy are two of the most important pillars for the US company is not new. The design of the hardware, software and other Apple services are based on these two premises when developed, so apply a full data encryption, so that not even the company itself can read.

10 Apple iOS has decided to knock on the table and go a step further as far as security is concerned. To do this, iOS 10 makes use of smart technology devices to identify people, objects and scenes in Photos, providing suggestions on QuickType and services such as Siri and Maps sends data to Apple's servers, but these are never used to develop profiles user.

So Differential Privacy, the new security technology iOS 10

IOS 10 American company has decided to start using a new technology called "Differential Privacy", or what is the same, "Privacy Differential , " which helps detect patterns of use of a large number of users without having to invade your privacy. This technology of the future version of Apple's mobile operating system will help improve emoji suggestions or QuickType, the links suggested by Spotlight or search suggestions the Notes app.

The "Differential Privacy" technology is one of the innovations introduced by Apple in iOS 10 through which promises to significantly improve the security of their devices. This technology reminds user usage patterns in order to simplify browsing without compromising personal data.

Thus, application information as HomeKit, FaceTime or iMessage be encrypted, so that a completely confidential communication path is established. Undoubtedly, once again Apple is crowned as far as security is concerned and IOS 10 appears to be the most secure version of the company launched to date.

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