iOS 10 introduces ReplayKit Live Streaming for streaming live video -


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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

iOS 10 introduces ReplayKit Live Streaming for streaming live video

Apple introduced iOS ReplayKit 9 which enables applications to give users the ability to record and share gameplay or screencast directly into the application. IOS 10 ReplayKit Apple is introducing Streaming, allowing users to stream live video of what's on your iPhone screen for the first time.

Apple unveiled ReplayKit live streaming during his presentation at WWDC press event after the fact in yesterday.

As with ReplayKit, the new feature will allow users to make live streaming gameplay from your iPhone while simultaneously can use the microphone and front camera and display device to talk while doing streaming.
And along with the announcement, Apple also brings new support for APIs ReplayKit Apple TV gaming.

Applications implementing this new feature can live stramig support for extension services In the demo, Apple uses an extension of the video game platform Mobcrush to make a live streaming Olympus Rising game.

Apple said that to add features live streaming requires only a few lines of code for developers who already use ReplayKit. The feature could be useful for tutorials plus gameplays since Apple has implemented the tool in its new Swift, Playgrounds, which also released this week.

The iPad application, Playgrounds, teaches users to encode the language of Apple Swift and allows users to record and share what they are doing in the application.

This is big news for gameplayers, especially if they take initiative ReplayKit this new feature to stream live video with simultaneous use of the microphone and the front camera of your iOS device.

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