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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

iOS 10 is similar to the Split View

The new Apple operating system, iOS 10 hides some secret functions very interesting.

For example, now in Safari you can open two windows at the same time as in Split View feature of multitasking of IOS 10 and browse two web pages simultaneously, a long - awaited novelty and requested by users of IOS .

This fabulous feature of iOS 10 is similar to the Split View feature of multitasking iOS 9 , however, it has some noteworthy differences ...

Here we show how to use this new feature of iOS 10 with Safari on iPad.

Using Split View with Safari on iOS 10

1. Place your iPad in landscape mode (in landscape mode).

2. Open the Safari web browser application Apple.

3. Use one of the following methods to activate Split View:

Hold your finger on a link and select "Open in Split View".

Use the combination "Command + N" with the Magic Keyboard Apple keyboard.

Drag a tab to the left or right side screen iPad.

Hold your finger on a tab and select the "Open in Split View" option.

Video Tutorial

The guys at 9to5Mac have published a tutorial on YouTube helpful so you can see how multitasking in iOS Safari 10 operates. It's super useful! And one of the methods to activate the Split View feature is pretty cool:

As you can see in the video, each window contains its own Safari address bar, tabbed interface and action buttons. It is basically like you're opening two applications simultaneously Safari.

One of the most notable differences between the Split View feature and multitasking Safari is that it can not move the dividing line of the two Safari windows, while usually with Split View can be placed in three positions: left, center and right .

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