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Thursday, 16 June 2016

iOS 10 offers Triple Split View on iPad Pro

Surely more than one of you, dear readers, remember perfectly the arrival of multitasking iOS 9 to iPad. Of course, it was one of the great innovations of last year, but ... What could Apple do to improve multitasking on iOS 10? Clear! Add a third window ...

I will not lie if I revealed that the team CP expected more significant changes regarding the implementation of improvements in multitasking iPad, or perhaps the arrival of the functions Split View and / or Slide Over the iPhone, but Apple or so it has even renewed the design of multitasking.

However, at least, Apple has included the triple Split View in the giant 12.9 - inch iPad Pro, as this feature requires a very large screen ... So, unfortunately, the 9.7 - inch iPad Pro and other models are left out.

The feature is only available for iPad Pro 12.9 inch in Notes applications and iOS Mail 10

It is as simple as it seems, but we must first briefly explain how multitasking works Split View iPad for those who are not familiar with the subject.

Split View is a feature of multitasking that allows users to split the screen into two parts in order to be able to interact with both applications at the same time. Split View was presented with Slide Over (fast multitasking) and Picture-in-Picture (video overlay) on iOS in September.

Along with the release of iOS 10 we discovered that Safari would allow users to divide into two parts the app to browse two web pages simultaneously. And now Mail and Notes are added to the initiative, but in a different way, adding a window (or panel, if you allow me) and converting the triple function Split View.

Being honest, improvement allows users to navigate in both applications a much more convenient and faster way. In iOS Mail 10 users can view all emails and all categories, and Notes can see the folders and annotations. Very practical! In addition, Apple may incorporate more applications this feature. What do you think you / as about this, guys / girls? Does it seem fair that only 12.9-inch iPad Pro can opt for this feature?

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