iOS 10 will help you save money in the Road -


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Friday, 17 June 2016

iOS 10 will help you save money in the Road

All drivers who are tired of meeting every morning with the dreaded toll booths to try to prevent secure traffic that will be relieved to know a very interesting feature that comes along with the new iOS 10 . We have seen that the new version of mobile operating system will come loaded with new features and as the days go by we see new features that will be very useful.

Perhaps you map Apple failed to have too long a time in which to make known all its functions during the WWDC 2016 held earlier this week, but with the addition of dynamic route suggestions, Apple has also made it very easy for drivers to avoid toll booth that may be on your route. And it is that all drivers that we know what it means having to go through any of these cabins and the expense involved, so all you can bring savings will be welcome.

This feature hidden iOS 10 allows drivers to choose whether to use the Apple Maps algorithm to avoid highway tolls if they prefer is to go a little slower than have to pay for going through these places. While it is true that sometimes it may be necessary to arrive before our job or a destination that can not wait any longer than necessary.

When toll evasion is activated, the map application Apple will give us several suggestions of routes, one or two without tolls, along with an option of toll roads (if there is one in the area). All we have to do to activate it, go to Settings - Maps driving and navigation.

The updated version of Apple Maps version comes with the new iOS 10 and gives the driver the ability to see the stops in rest areas along a route, cafes, gas stations and establishments where you can eat or buy food. We will also have the opportunity to book a restaurant table or order a transport Uber without having to exit the application.

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