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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

IOS10 Sleeping mode May Help iPhone Users to Better Sleep

iOS 10 has already been presented officially by the US company, although there are still many things to know about the next version of the operating system. Among the new features is a new Sleep mode included in the app Clock that could help users rest better at night.

The Night Shift mode has changed the way users see the iPhone screen at night and constantly touted as something that will help users sleep better. Well, it seems that the guys from the bitten apple have been proposed that owners of an iPhone sleep like little angels.

And in iOS 10 it expects the company to include a new mode called "Bedtime" in Castilian can be translated as "sleep" mode. There are already several applications on the App Store to track sleep, but Apple wants to go one step further with this feature built into iOS 10.

Apple wants to help users sleep better with iOS 10

As explained in iDropNews , Apple will soon introduce alarms to remind users what the best time to wake up and what is the best time to go to bed. This way, you get much better rest depending on the time you have to get up.

Through this iOS Sleep mode 10 Apple offers users a simple setup process through a series of questions to set alarms for bedtime and wake - up alarm. Among them asks what time you want to wake the user, what days of the week, if the alarm should go off and the number of hours of sleep you need to sleep at night.

It is true that today you can get something like putting multiple alarms on the iPhone. However, this new iOS Sleep mode 10 will have its additional benefits, since the user can change the amount of sleep you need with a line graph on the screen.

I must say that these new alarms function Sleep mode with the implementation of Health and will be quick access to the Clock app so users can see their data "Dream Analysis" link. In addition, I must say that also will be customizable sound volume of the alarm within the alarm options.

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