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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

IPhone 7 could come with wireless charging

There is much speculation about the design and functions of the iPhone this year, among the most mentioned there is a high probability that wireless charging is included in the next-gen smartphone Apple iPhone in July.

With wireless charging, or charging by induction, 7 iPhone users will be able to charge their wireless smartphones , can you imagine the benefits that this will provide? Much more comfort, no tangled cables and of course, the bare wires would be a thing of the past.

IPhone 7 could come loaded with new features

But wireless charging is not the only new technology to be implemented in the iPhone in July . According to rumors, the next-gen smartphone Apple will be waterproof and dust.

It is also very likely that a dual system incorporates camera and remove the headphone jack is to launch a new Bluetooth EarPods, although it is also possible to connect headphones from a Lightning USB-C port.

But the most interesting thing is that the Cupertino company could bring to market three new iPhones at once. A 4.7 - inch iPhone 7, an iPhone 7 Plus 5.5 - inch and a "iPhone 7 Pro" with special features like dual camera or Smart Connector. Although they could also choose to launch an "iPhone 7 Mini", something unlikely since they have already sold an iPhone 4 inches.

All new features and benefits which we have spoken are only rumors do not know if it will come true. What we do is we assume that consumers will buy iPhone models 7 in avalanche. Each new iPhone usually outsell its predecessor, and Apple sold more than 13 million units of the iPhone 6s on the weekend launch in 2015.

What other predictions there on the Apple iPhone 7?

How many iPhones will be released in September?

Two: 1/2
Three: 3/1
One: 9/1

How will the new iPhone be called?

iPhone 7: 1/4
iPhone 7 Plus: 6/1
iPhone 7 Mini: 18/1

What kind of headphones have?

You have headphones for standard 3.5mm jack: 3/2
Will not have a jack: 4/1


3D Display: 10/1
Dual camera system: 2/3
curved screen: 5/1

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