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Friday, 10 June 2016

IPhone 7 could delete the Space Grey and released a new Color Blue

Today the current iPhone models are available in four colors to choose: gold, silver, pink gold and space gray. The silver and gray space are very similar colors, but the main difference is that the front vary and are black, and white respectively.

Well, new rumors say that Apple is likely to delete the gray space of your palette in the next iPhone 7. Instead, introduce a new color called Deep Blue, which in Spanish would be something like deep blue.

Deep Blue, the new color for the iPhone casing 7

According to a report published by Mac Treasure Appraisal Team, a reliable source of Chinese supply chain says this possible color change in the iPhone 7 is quite likely. Of course, other colors (gold, rose gold and silver) would be maintained.

Although some believe that Apple will not abandon the gray space for a new blue color, we must recognize that this rumor makes perfect sense. Do not forget that the iPhone 7 is a new generation that changes not only internally but also externally in the design and a color change is quite feasible expected.

The Deep Blue seems a good choice, although there are users who would also like to see an iPhone in completely black color. The latest version was totally an option in black was the iPhone 4S and iPhone 7 in matte black could be quite interesting.

What do you think the Deep Blue for iPhone 7? Like this color for Apple's smartphone? Do you think that will eliminate the gray space on your list?

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