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Monday, 20 June 2016

IPhone 7 could have support for Dual SIM

After this morning we commented the possibility that the iPhone 7 Plus finally does not have dual - lens camera , we echo other interesting new rumors. Apparently, the iPhone 7 could have support for dual SIM and also be confirmed that the smartphone itself will headphone jack.

Today we hear of endless features and possible functions that accompany the iPhone in July. For example, have seen some images showing the Home Touch iPhone button 7 , and that several leaks indicate that lose the button physical and it will be integrated into the screen.

Will the iPhone 7, the first mobile Apple with Dual SIM?

New rumors circulating on the net suggest that the iPhone 7 will finally did jack headphone jack, despite earlier reports that said the opposite. An image shows accessory published Lightning Cable for iPhone 7 and the component still includes the headphone jack.

On the other hand, it is also spoken of the possibility that the iPhone 7 is Dual SIM, ie two cards that could be used at the same time. Other images show what could be the first Dual SIM trays for the iPhone, a memory chip SanDisk 256GB and a dual camera module for iPhone 7 Plus.

Finally, we must not forget that mass production of the iPhone 7 could have started and Pegatron hand . An idea that would not be far - fetched considering that September is practically around the corner and will not want surprises for the launch of the new smartphone model.

And you, do you think the iPhone is Dual SIM?

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