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Monday, 20 June 2016

IPhone 7 dual-SIM, latest rumor

We are half of the year and rumors about the next iPhone, though never succeed, they begin to intensify. In addition, since we are getting closer to the release date of the iPhone 7, these rumors are increasingly reliable. Especially since the time when Apple is unable to keep any secret of the products. Now comes the rumor that the iPhone 7 dual-SIM could be a reality.

The truth is that so far this year the emergence of a dual SIM iPhone 7 was not at all expected. However, if we stop to think that Apple wants to turn China into its biggest market and China is a country where dual SIM is a standard, it is clear that Apple should move towards this type of terminals. Notice that almost a high percentage of terminals around 90% from China are dual-SIM.

This rumor, despite having all the sense in the world from the point of view of marketing and want to conquer the Chinese market, is also supported by images of components which have allegedly received in a company of Chinese repair and showing as exist two bays for SIM in the terminal of Apple. That is, it is more than likely that the Chinese market find an iPhone dual-SIM 7. However, what is not clear is that the iPhone 7 dual-SIM out of that market and reach Europe or America with that feature. We will have to wait for events.

In this latest rumor about the iPhone 7 is compounded by the possibility that the next Apple terminal include a dual camera to fight terminals such as Huawei LG G5 or P9. We'll see what we find around the summer when we present the new Apple iPhone in July.

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