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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

IPhone 7 would include further improvements to the home button

Throughout this year, there have been long rumors about the aesthetic appearance and hardware components to be included in the iPhone 7. Beginning with the inclusion of a camera module dual lens exclusively for the iPhone 7 Plus 5.5 inch and added as a primary storage option about 64 GB, leaving aside the 16 GB have been several generations of Apple's smartphone.

This does not end here because although the initial storage capacity extends also does in its other options, reaching a maximum storage capacity of 256GB, exclusively for the iPhone Plus.

Moreover, in this day and we announced that the possible color option "deep blue" for iphone 7 was a mistake and would actually be a darker shade than the current "space gray" recent iPhones Apple, something like a "deep gray".

While this latest rumor came from another rumor error, have this color option in the iPhone 7 would be interesting and multi sure we would be very grateful.

Finally, although the Cupertino company would not make major aesthetic thought its future smartphone changes, is believed to be a slight modification to your start button. This slight change would be the inclusion of a physical button with haptic feedback located flush with the front surface of the device, without frames, borders that surround the design and break abruptly.

On one hand this does reinforce earlier rumors that the iPhone 7 would take much of the exterior design of the iPhone 6s, making changes only at the hardware level.

It is expected that the new generation of iphones (iPhone 7), is launched in September this year with iOS 10.

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