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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

iPhone and iPad may be Shooting RAW thanks to iOS 10 Third Party Apps

Good news for lovers of the owners photograph of an iPhone or iPad. Apple unveiled iOS 10 last Monday in the keynote of WWDC 2016 and among its novelties is a very interesting related to the camera, and that it can shoot in RAW.

Of course, to do so will have to use third - party applications, since the native camera app in iOS 10 does not feature this option. If you're not quite as in photography and now you're asking yourself what the hell does "RAW" do not worry, because we will explain right now.

RAW in English means "raw" and photography refers to a type of file that stores the image in its rawest and purest possible form. This means that the picture is saved without compression and without any processing, so you have much more data to process it later without losing any quality.

The photos come with iOS RAW 10 through third-party apps

The photos in RAW format offers greater editing flexibility when performing post processing, but also has a big disadvantage is that these files usually take up much space in memory. This is because, as we said earlier, that keeps all the information capture without compression.

In Monday's keynote Apple made a small mention of photo editing RAW on one of the slides, but said nothing about it on stage. Yes, in one of the workshops after the WWDC 2016 all doubts were dispelled, as it is said that third - party application developers can take and store photos in the rough.

On the other hand, I must say that the photos in RAW will be limited to the rear camera. The format in which these photographs will be stored RAW DNG digital negative format used by Adobe.

In addition, you do not have to worry, because like many DSLRs, iOS 10 also allow shooting RAW and JPEG simultaneously. Such photographs will be available in the applications that integrate and run on the iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, SE, the 9.7-inch iPad, and how could it be otherwise, for the future iPhone in July.

Unfortunately, as they say the guys at TechCrunch , Apple is not expected to support the RAW photographs within your own camera application, at least for now. Yes, at least you can enjoy this feature thanks to third-party apps.

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