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Sunday, 12 June 2016

IPhone Review iPhone SE is worth as much as ever

iPhone SE Once the news release is current in the online world and Pantip, with prices starting at 16,800 baht, but the specification of iPhone 6s with cut feature 3D Touch to plus size people familiar with. Rose Gold color that creates an incentive to buy at least five. Reasons to iPhone SE Sellers (than expected) , and today I will review iPhone SE to watch it.

IPhone SE Review

Usually, I have a customer since the Apple iPhone 4, 5, 6 (the last being a pickpocket disappeared. Which do not mention it at all) with the iPhone 6 was still powerful enough to use on a plan to buy iPhone SE is not in the head. Although I have given But then it's like God punished Heaven is not to be met at the time the choice is just.

  • iPhone 6s price 24,500 Baht
  • iPhone 6 price 18,200 Baht
  • iPhone SE price 16,800 Baht
  • iPhone 5s price 11,500 Baht

The price is above the market price estimated by the thought that it would be revolutionary iPhone 7. A blast burned forest hut certainly tried to look for cheap 5s to think over, but with the price a little bit different. Plus, with the specification that a different world SE. The last post

I decided to buy the machine that is the pink. The reason is because it's a sweet (ha) <<< actually want to add more people to buy last month for lack of buyers were not even going to buy Mobile Expo Center, it's not. But there are also trailers promotions. (Pro which I use it every month and 50% were satisfied anyway) I want something more.

Finally, it ended up to be a True Group iPhonemod Market Thailand of a new box unused. (News said that the capture did not like to use it for two weeks) 64 GB with prices of 18,000 baht against the original plan to require 16 GB, but it is okay because it sold a 20 800 baht to 2800 baht budget.

Check air

If you are buying a second tool requires a thorough check by buying an iPhone to check anything. For buying both new and second-hand version in 2016 , but with which I am quite hastily. (And lazy) motto that insurance also claim to True anyway.

Check that Thailand is the center of the box is super easy to screen a sticker in Thailand (ha) in the top of the box to see if it matches the code with it. (Switch on) the IMEI on the back with a small box. Then the rest of it turned out that Restore is not locked via iCloud shall be paid.

Unpack the accessories like the iPhone version. Now people say, but never used because the old equipment. With that, I believe that it was a simple as that. But if it's worth the price of 16,800 baht iPhone SE comes with all the accessories below the strike price.

Apple EarPads 1,200 baht
USB Power Adapter worth 790 baht
Lightning to USB Cable worth 790 baht.

Accessories all, compare the prices of the Apple website if you are thinking positively. It means that the cost of just 14,020 baht (yourself) for whom the iPhone is already ancient ruins accessories + lost out to buy new accessories kit. It is recommended to dispose of old computers and add money to buy iPhone SE by the law, according to the logic of the above.

IPhone SE arrested after several days of using the iOS, although based on the same old. I must admit that it is quite "different" behavior well enough to justify the use of large-screen> screens, but since I've never used before, the iPhone 5 did not feel like it's tense. Now, unless you see it vividly enough.

As the first SE 5s faster than doubled (tripled and, if measured on the graphic) also comes with a coprocessor supporting M9 counting steps and distance. And also allow use Siri, simply say, "Hey Siri" without picking up your iPhone with.

The machine and assembly materials, Apple also made out well, as always. Everything seems to be symmetrical. Seems like more of a smartphone brands. The lens does not protrude like and this is what captivated throughout.

Battery to 1,642 mAh is very small compared to smartphones in general (Android version for this certification cursed responsible) advantage is that the battery is full sensitivity without Quick Charge it blasts Power Bank miracle. SE of the power management chip. It can work for 13 hours, but it actually is, it is sufficient for "all day" without charge, often like the iPhone 5s.

Below a familiar port. You may hunt Docking or cheap speakers that it is designed specifically for the iPhone 5 by the previous price for it, "tens of thousands" and if you buy now may be in the "thousands" also includes case and accessories. extra goodies stock outstanding and very cheap. Can be used together.

The size of a slim and lightweight for men who do not like to carry a lot. With this, you wade through a raw form, I may choose not to put the case. (It's not too expensive, not too much) can pocket without a bulge a personality all applications can be done with one hand.

Weight 113 grams, it can make us flip / slide / flip in the air easily. Small screen and the casing strength. From experience, it is one of the most resistant and iPhone repair easiest (if not the iPhone 4) screen sizes smaller, reduce the "split screen" when dropped.

What does iPhone SE

In the wireless system, although the Wi-Fi standard 802.11a / b / g / n / ac, wireless technology, Bluetooth 4.2, and NFC is not different, but iPhone SE does not support 4G Advanced and can only speed up. 150 Mbps and Wi-Fi 433 Mbps (while iPhone 6s speed up to 300 Mbps and Wi-Fi 866 Mbps), but here, if you think it is about the future, it's not that different.

It also has 3D Touch, but I think this time, it is just a "trick" features are not anything major. In addition, it also Barometer, which measures the air pressure (from 6s and a six).

This page four "is the best size as Steve has said. The resolution Retina Display (326 ppi) by the human eye can not be separated anymore and pixels. (I think so), but the specification is the Contrast Ratio 800: 1 means that you may see the light. The depth and dimension than iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, but I actually did not feel that it is "pretty low" over it.


The house is in the camera = iPhone 6s, camera = iPhone 5s and whether by design limitations. Or the market would be. (I believe the first over Otherwise, the camera remains poor statewide) photos from iPhone 6s compared with SE , supports 4K video and Live Photos by-product of the processing unit A9.


If you have faith the size of the screen, 4 "and see it as an advantage (like me), there is a 90% possibility that you will fall in love with the SE, plus the prices are even better. 6s with performance equivalent current model, while the cheaper price of 9,700 baht (but cutting unnecessary features like 3D Touch and Barometer away).

As cameras as a man who does not like Selfie I did not worry much. But when it comes to the camera, it must be admitted that it is still better than many Android version too. (Just stick shooting in low light where it is not at all) to upload, share, without much ugly.

Believes that the future SE will be updated equivalent long-6s and, over time, prices could fall at least. (Due to the lower launch price) if you use 6 or 6s may not need to change it. If you are using an older or 5s SE now is the best value option.

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