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Sunday, 5 June 2016

Leaves clean with SemiRestore iOS (jailbroken / without jailbreak)

There are times we need to clean our jailbroken device things that are unnecessary and we need to let us clean without losing the jailbreak iOS, for this there SemiRestore a tool that fulfills that purpose.

Despite being an interesting news, especially for those who have installed on your device any jailbreak version of iOS, many users have reported that the tool comes with several errors, freezes in the cleaning process and there is even a report that a user had to return to restore iOS after using the tool.

SemiRestore is particularly useful for users who have experienced problems jailbreak their devices and would like them to start cleaning iOS keeping the jailbreak. SemiRestore wipe everything on the device and restore it to its factory settings, which means you do not have to go through the jailbreak process again after running the app.

The tool works with any jailbroken device running any version of iOS 5.0 to iOS 9.1, which is the latest version of iOS jailbreakable.

SemiRestore can be downloaded directly from the website of the tool .

Despite being an exciting proposition, especially for users with jailbroken devices, SemiRestore seems to be going through problems of stability in its current version for iOS, because there have been some reports that the tool does not work as expected. One of the users who used the app reports he had to restore your device to iOS 9.3.2 version jailbreakable not.

This should be taken as a precautionary measure only because although there are reports of malfunction of the tool there are users who are satisfied with the functionality of it. Another thing to note is that SemiRestore problems with iOS seem to be more specific to a jailbreak version of iOS, so we recommend taking caution when using the app on Apple devices with the operating system hacked.

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