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Monday, 20 June 2016

Let possibly "Dark Mode" on iOS 10

Apple unveiled some details of iOS 10 a week ago and we are still getting to know some very interesting details. Now, thanks to beta testers have been found to possibly iOS 10 includes a "dark mode" or "Night mode".

It is expected that the next version of Apple 's mobile operating system is accompanied by great innovations. For example, the Maps app will be able to remember where you parked the car and lead you to it in the blink of an eye.

A few days ago they jumped the alarm about this "Dark Mode" thanks to the clues that Siri was activated to tell him , as we have in iPadizate. However, it now appears that these rumors are confirmed, although Apple did not talk about that "dark mode" awaited by users, but it announced a similar function for the Apple TV.

iOS 10 could include finally the expected "dark mode"

The developer Andrew Wiik has shared in your Twitter profile some screenshots of what appears to be the "dark mode" of the first test version of IOS 10. In addition, these images have been corroborated by another user that showed multiple images of Clock apps, iTunes and Safari.

On the other hand, Wiik said that "Apple has implemented proof that simply is not available to other users" also has the hope that "this feature is not exclusive to the iPhone 7".

The chances that Apple include this "dark mode" on iOS 10 have existed for a long time, but in recent times these rumors have been gaining more and more strength. Now just have to wait and see if the final version of iOS 10 includes this "dark mode" or not.

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