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Friday, 10 June 2016

LG will supply cameras for iPhone 7

A little over the official launch of iPhone 7, Apple goes reorganizing its suppliers, one of them, LG, which will provide Dual Camera module for the pro model 5.5 - inch iPhone 7.

It seems that Apple has returned to the division of LG Innotek as module supplier dual camera for the next iPhone update 7. One of the sources reported that the Korean tech giant LG Innotek in the division, exclusively supply the dual camera module for the Apple iPhone 7, due out in September this year.

LG Innotek reportedly begin shipping dual camera module as soon as possible this month, although its apparently exclusive offer might actually be short-lived because there may be other suppliers next year.

It mentioned above Sony as a potential supplier of modules dual camera, but reported would step back as suppliers module high-end camera through its May forecast report.

It is believed that only 5.5 - inch model iPhone 7 Plus will include configuration of two cameras on the back of the device, while its 4.7 - inch younger brother is believed to include only a camera module.

On the other hand, apart from the inclusion of dual camera module, there are rumors that the Pro model will include, among storage options, a maximum storage capacity of 256GB, not applicable to the "standard" model for iPhone 7. Following Similarly, it is speculated that from the next generation Apple smartphone, including an initial storage is 32GB, leaving aside the 16GB that came so far in the different models of iPhone.

At the moment we have to wait until September for Apple makes the official launch of the new smartphone.

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