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Thursday, 2 June 2016

Make Infinity Zoom in Photo App Thanks to iOS Bug

The application "Photos" for iOS allows users to zoom into images using simple pinch gestures, but we all know zoom capabilities are limited and do not allow users to approach everything you want in a particular area of the photo. But there is, however, an error in iOS that lets you use the zoom beyond the limit has been established, which can be useful in some cases.

And is that if we access the iOS Photos application, one open and edit with the "cut" to rotate 90 degrees, zoom limit seems to disappear as if by magic. After turning the picture side, you can make a second edition of it was the right angle, leaving the image intact and allowing us to use this "infinite zoom".

This strange bug only seems to be available on an image that has previously been rotated through one 's own iOS tool for trimming. In addition, we must note that at the time we leave application "Photos" or change picture, the current picture will reset and the bug will disappear, as you can see in the video we have shared above.

The truth is that this bug that allows you to zoom beyond the limit does not have much practical use in most cases, because by doing this the image is pixelated, but could be useful for those people who want to come to a specific area that is something further. This error zoom works in models of iPad and iPhone running iOS 9.3.2 and iOS 9.3.3 beta.

It is clear that this strange "feature" is a mistake and that possibly we see not implemented by Apple officially, but for some users may be of some use. Also, many times, this kind of bugs eventually discover functions that can be quite useful for users.

And you, know this little trick to make infinite zoom iOS in your photographs?

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