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Friday, 17 June 2016

Maps on iOS 10 you remember where you parked the car and will take you to

Apple has already revealed some of the main features that accompany iOS 10 and gradually we desgranándolas and deepening them. We have already discussed the Messages app, new notifications ... but this time it is the turn to the Maps app, which will have significant improvements in iOS 10.

As has been known, the iOS Maps application 10 will have a feature that will help you remember where you parked the car and take you to him. This feature can be useful if you live in a big city where every day you have to leave your car on a site, if you parked in the parking lot of a huge mall or if you're on vacation in a place you do not know, for example .

Once again, the US company wants to make our lives easier, and this time it does through the Maps app. Here we have more details on this feature of Maps on iOS 10 plus a video in which you will see how it is used.

Never again you'll never forget where you parked the car thanks to iOS 10!

Apple has conducted a thorough review of its Maps application and soon users will enjoy new features. Undoubtedly, the fact that remember where you left your car is parked a very interesting point, and if it is also able to lead you to that destination so you do not waste time going around and around.

This feature will operate on routes that do not end in the direction you have set as "home". 10 iOS maps automatically retain the exact location where you parked the vehicle.

Best of all is that when you want to return the car you just have to set up a walking route from your current location to that extent that the application has previously saved. That easy! The Maps app will take you to your car in the blink of an eye.

On the other hand, the Maps application will also feature a new widget to the iOS lock screen 10 with an option of "parked car." To activate it you can go to Settings - Maps on iOS 10 and will be of great utility to access directly from the lock screen to route back to your car.

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