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Sunday, 19 June 2016

Mass Production iPhone 7 starts

We are a few months to know which presumably will be the new Apple iPhone 7 and users are increasingly eager to know what will be their news. As has been told, thanks to a report a few days ago, the boys from Cupertino would have ordered the production of 78 million units of the new smartphone.

It is very clear that these devices do not appear magically, so manufacturers should have a considerable waiting time to be able to fulfill orders. With this in mind, @OnLeaks posted a tweet this morning stating that the iPhone 7 has gradually begun mass production in the factories of Pegatron.

Her tweet also confirmed a previous rumor that pointed to the possibility that production of Apple iPhone 7 Plus would be done only by Pegatron, one of the great rivals of Foxconn. So the other manufacturers linked to the signing of the block will be responsible for manufacturing the new model smaller iDevice.

As they advance the days and weeks will more units of the new iPhone 7 assembly line, so that the number of leaks could be increased greatly and could have more details about the device. One of the latest rumors suggests that technical difficulties have forced Apple to abandon the idea of ​​using a dual camera configuration in the iPhone 7 Plus.

If true, this would not be the first time Apple is forced to make a change in the iPhone so close to the start of mass production. We must remember that two years ago, Apple reported that everything was ready for the use of sapphire crystal on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, but some problems with the manufacturer finally prompted the idea was scrapped.

As we have said before, now that the mass production of the iPhone 7 has begun, the number of rumors and could be triggered more details. With this in mind, if you are from users who are thinking about getting to the next smartphone apple, you should be aware CP for possible leaks.

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