Media: Cast with two parts of the OLED display will be the main feature of the iPhone 2017 -


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Thursday, 2 June 2016

Media: Cast with two parts of the OLED display will be the main feature of the iPhone 2017

 It is no secret that designing a flagship smartphone iPhone 2017 will be completely different than the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s models look. As says IHS analyst kevin wong, the main novelty novelty will be the turn of two parts of the screen.

The side edges of the iPhone screen 7 are rounded, and the display will curve to the right and left ends. At the edges of the individual will not be скосах matrices of the sides of the display here will become a unit, although the curved edges may carry an additional charge, fulfilling the role of the sides of the mini-screen, indicates wong.

"According to the story of kevin wong, after leaving Live Xplay 5 5.4-inch OLED TV, which reaches extremes like the S7 edge, more and more producers on the market using this technique, including Apple with its future iPhone" , PhoneArena writes.

According to the intention of Apple, this solution will allow a larger screen without increasing the size of it. When you use the communicator will create the impression as if a smartphone is "безрамочным".

In March it became known that Apple applied for a test match 5.8-inch OLED panel array. Then it was reported that the company's engineers have chosen this screen to create a new iPhone. Flexible display device of this type can be placed on the side of the face.

Allusions to bend on both sides of the screen in the new generation of iPhone can be found in current models. It rounded the edges of safety glass used in the iPhone 6, 6s, 6s iPhone 6 Plus and Plus. According to some sources, Apple has used on smartphones 2.5 glass not only aesthetic, but also for testing this type of solution, in order to implement it in future models. In the iPhone 7 glass at the edges will be more rounded, and below it hides molded on both sides of the screen.

Therefore, the 2017 iPhone, you can get a similar screen itself smartphones Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. South Korea devices, it is worth noting, from the point of view of image quality of загнутых the edges in some lost aspects, as this design finding provides very noticeable distortion of color, tone and reduces glare in edges of the image, and the ambient light conditions leads to the inevitable glare along a long side of the screen. How Apple plans to avoid these nuances, it is still unknown.

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