Mophie today launches a new line of wireless products for the iPhone -


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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Mophie today launches a new line of wireless products for the iPhone

Mophie today the company launches a new product line for the iPhone that adds wireless charging capabilities to the previous line "covered with batteries."

Mophie is known for making covers for smart phones that include a battery inside that increases more than the autonomy of the device.

For the model of iPhone 6 / 6s, the company offers an extra 1560mAh battery while the Plus 6s and 6 Plus models include a larger battery of 2420mAh. To achieve wireless charging, the company Mophie provides a wireless charging base. But you can also use another method of load, as Mophie says that their new devices support "almost all types of wireless standard load, telephones and accessories".

The pack comes with battery whose rear has a series of LEDs that indicate the status of battery charge. The total charging time is approximately 2 hours, although it varies depending on the phone model and the type of load. The battery capacity wireless charging comes in a matte finish, which makes it easier to see smudges and fingerprints.

various types of support for the wireless charger that are tailored to the needs of the user are also included. Includes a vertical mount that is ideal to put on a desk and other special car.

The wireless pack with included charging base, is available at a price of $ 99 for the iPhone 6s / 6 or $ 129 for the model iPhone 6s Plus / 6 Plus in various electronic stores. The desktop mount is available for $ 59, like the car charger mount. The base load can be purchased separately for a price of $ 39.95. also they have a micro-USB cable (included in the pack) allowing thus charge the battery, if you do not have a wireless charging base.

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