More expensive iPhone 7 Pro with 256 GB of memory will cost almost 1560(USD)

The Chinese users microblogging service Weibo have discovered the approximate prices of the three new flagship Apple phone. The most expensive model of iPhone in July cost the buyers of nearly 90 000 rubles.

According to the statements of one of the experts under the nickname of Reviewer, in September this year, Apple will unveil the iPhone 7, the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro. The amount of memory on the iPhone 7 will be 32, 64 and 256 gb versions smartphone Plus and Pro - 32, 128 and 256 gb.

The price of the iPhone 7 memory capacity of 32GB will be $ 795. iPhone 7 Plus with the same volume of the unit will cost $ 921, and the iPhone 7 Pro - 1072 dollar. The precious iPhone version 7 Pro with a storage capacity of 256GB, can be purchased for 1344 gb (88,000 rubles).

Although these prices are for the Chinese market, which is unlikely to differ significantly in other regions.

Previously, amid rumors about the iPhone 7, users criticized Apple's decision to abandon a standard headphone jack. The number of people who signed on the website of The Sum of Us online petition against the removal of 3.5 mm connector iPhone 7 exceeded 300,000.
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