Mts dissolved the mobile internet to 187 mbps -


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Saturday, 4 June 2016

Mts dissolved the mobile internet to 187 mbps

Smartphones in the mts network can work in a LTE standard, and two, that much of the increased speed internet access. This follows from the operator messages.

Mts all-russia will add the frequencies in the band of 2600 Mhz, designed for standard work LTE TDD (time division duplex, for receiving and transmitting data, the same frequency band is used with frequencies of 800 Mhz, 1800 Mhz and 2700 Mhz in which LTE FDD standard works (frequency division duplex, when the reception and transmission of data produced in different bands).

Aggregation of frequencies mts tested in Moscow, where his only today, TDD-network works: the aggregation of frequencies of LTE FDD in the bands 800 MHz, 1800 MHz and 2700 MHz maximum access speed exceeds 163 mb / s. No aggregation speed connection through these bands was 37-112 mbps to 112 mbps also able to accelerate in TDD network.

Aggregation frequency FDD and TDD also allow mts increase the effective area of ​​network coverage TDD 2.5 times.

The frequency 2595-2620 MHz band, allowing TDD build networks throughout Spain, besides, Moscow, Crimea and Sevastopol, won mts conducted in February 2016, Роскомнадзором the auction house. The operator paid for them 3.97 million rbl., Suggesting that 35% of the premium price round start.

Mts in TDD network in Moscow now work mainly modems and iPhone, from the fifth model and lower, "financial statements" said the company. In the first quarter of 2016, the number of registered devices it has increased by 20%. aggregation devices compatible with FDD and TDD, even less. But in the future of smartphones will further its range of products will grow in the same, as at the time grew spreading LTE device, expect from the company.

For example, in Moscow, the simultaneous work of two ranges of tests performed with the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S7. In the test results download speed on the street reaching 165 mb / s, inside the premises - 85 mbps with maximum of 187 mb / s. In addition, aggregation frequency has increased the range of the base station LTE TDD by about 60%, and has also improved the quality and signal coverage of TDD inside.

According to analysts, this frequency band in the 2600 Mhz band, designed for TDD and covers almost all of Russia, is a competitive advantage only meters, the other operators on this scale resource was not. In the future given mts well prepared to increase the speed of LTE access, and to expand the coverage area of ​​LTE-networks.

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