MyLife: A New Social Network for Save your moments Íntimos -


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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

MyLife: A New Social Network for Save your moments Íntimos

A Spanish startup has recently developed a new application that functions as a social network. His name is MyLife, and in just two months has already received more than 20,000 downloads in the App Store.

MyLife allows users to store, share and relive your fondest memories in chronological order, thereby making it a personal space to store the most private and intimate moments.

In MyLife no likes or followers, or favorites. It is simply a social network where you can connect with your circle of family and / or friends / as through

MyLife is the new social network of fashion

Despite his early "age", MyLife has become one of the most popular social networks when iOS App Store. Why? The answer is simple, in these times everyone shares their most intimate moments on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc, see you what they eat every day! But MyLife offers full privacy as each user will have the freedom to choose what times MyLife be connected to other users.

> "MyLife is like taking your life in your pocket."

This is an ideal way to unite different generations as parents, children and grandparents application, as mentioned Jordi Martinez, CEO of Lideralia, the startup dedicated to the development of this app.

MyLife is a free app, however, has a premium version that allows users to store unlimited for 34.99 € per year content.

As mentioned previously, the content you upload will be private, that is, only you can see what you have stored in the application, as a kind of personal Instagram. However, if you want to share a moment, you'll want to label who in the publication.

In MyLife you can share photos, videos, texts or links, and the contents are stored chronologically in the application. An ideal way to keep your most intimate memories!

Download MyLife for iPhone

The MyLife app is compatible with all models of iPhone from iOS 7.0, iPad and iPod Touch, but its interface is specially optimized for iPhone. Download it for free from here:

The truth is that MyLife is one of the first "private" social networks App Store, it is also very easy to use thanks to the intuitiveness of the user interface. We found it lovely! What are you waiting to try it?

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