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Thursday, 2 June 2016

Native Union Introduces New Leather Lightning Cables

The company Native Union has some accessories for Apple devices that have a really elegant design and one of the last to join the list has been TAG. This is a Lightning cable that has a very striking design as it is made ​​of leather.

In addition it does not stop there, because this cable Lightning has a design that enables it to be practically collected in a kind of bag is made ​​of leather. In this way you can take your TAG Cable always with you subject in the key handle in a bag or backpack, for example.

Native Union The idea is simply to get a Lightning cable with a sleek design and can be transported easily to whenever you need to use it . And we must recognize that they have succeeded, because when it is stored in the leather pouch just takes up space.

TAG, cable Lightning most elegant to carry anywhere

Fabien Nauroy, chief designer of Native Union says the new TAG cable for iOS devices not only about being a Lightning cable that can carry anywhere to make sure you can always charge your device when you need it. TAG has also come to accessories complement your most elegant fashion.

Beyond design, TAG is nothing more than a normal Lightning power cable and a USB port at the other end, but covered with braided nylon, which makes it more durable than a standard cable. So the only thing that makes the difference with the rest of Lightning cable market is the small bag made ​​of Italian leather used to hide most of the cable when you're not using it .

If you liked the TAG Lightning cable and want to get it, you can buy through the official website of Native Union by 49.99 €. The TAG cable is available in two colors to choose from , which are black and brown.

What do you think of the new Lightning leather cord created by Native Union? You buy it or you prefer the classical model?

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