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Friday, 24 June 2016

New Amazon Kindle 2016, now with support for bluetooth audio

Amazon has updated its flagship product. The Amazon Kindle 2016 is the renewal of the most basic e-reader. Its current price is 79.99 € and that price will continue to keep, nothing to do with 289.99 € of Kindle Oasis playing in another league.

The Kindle for this year will still have the 6 - inch electronic ink that has made ​​him famous, but has not been improved to equate to the Kindle Paperwhite, which will remain above. As we see, we have a slight renovation, a small change for those who buy a Kindle at least know they are buying a product of this year.

Amazon itself has added a couple of improvements to the Kindle 2016, the most important of which is to be added for the first time Bluetooth audio support, perfect for blind readers and for those who wish to listen to audiobooks. If you have a bluetooth headset this new Kindle can be very interesting.

The software has been renovated to allow prominent send notes and phrases in PDF data sheet. One option that also will soon be in other Kindle models. On the main screen you can customize which shortcuts have either our book or wish list.

The design of the Amazon Kindle 2016 has also changed slightly, now the tips are rounded to make it easier to catch and reduced weight. Minimal changes compared to other models in any case justify the jump, but welcome be for new buyers.

If we have a device we still recommend staying with the Kindle Paperwhite , slightly more expensive but with a much better screen.

It is available to book now on Amazon with shipments from July 20.

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