new details about the Apple Watch 2 Leaked -


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Monday, 27 June 2016

new details about the Apple Watch 2 Leaked

At the international conference of developers Apple (WWDC 2016), the Cupertino company revealed some details of what would be the Apple Watch 2, but now beginning to spread extra information about the future smart watch. Among the new features include the inclusion of a digital crown, a front camera and the inclusion of photos Watch OS 3, which would change significantly the appearance of the device.

According to reports, the Patent and Trademark Office US a couple of patent applications for the Apple Watch issued 2. The first refers to the addition of a digital crown to watch and other functional buttons.

Digital crown control the movement of the user interface 2 Apple Watch movement in response to rotation of the crown. In addition, the crown would "touch", which means it can detect if a user is touching the crown.

In the same report, a patent also revealed details about the possible use of cameras in future models of Apple Watch 2. "The camera can be located on the front surface of the face of Apple Watch to capture images of users," as It described in the patent description.

"A compact digital camera that includes an image sensor CMOS and optical components (eg lenses) to focus an image on the image sensor, along with an operable logic control, to use the components to capture and store images and / or video. "

Another specific detail issued regarding the forthcoming Apple Watch 2 is the updated platform smartwatch, watchOS 3, which was recently introduced as the OS of Apple Watch.

The new operating system for smart watch would be faster than ever, and includes delivering a series of new features to Apple Watch. WatchOS 3 opening allow background updates and storage of the most used applications in memory for faster loading times.

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