New images of the iPhone in July confirm one second speaker

One of the rumors that sound louder on the iPhone 7 is to be without Jack headphone port, which as you know, is present in all iPhone models that have been released to date.

Well, according to a series of images that have been published in Nowhereelse , Apple would use the space to include a second speaker, this also being another of the rumors we had been hearing for quite some time.

Similarly, in the picture above we can see that the hole for the camera is larger than the iPhone 6s, so be true, we would expect some significant developments in the model of 4.7 "and not only in the Plus version.

Otherwise, I remind you that one of the latest rumors that have appeared on the iPhone 7 states that the device will be available in three different models, being the "iPhone 7 Pro" the newest member of the iPhone family.

What do you think of the pictures? Do you think we really are facing the future iPhone 7?
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