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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

New Images Touch Home Button iPhone 7

We keep getting rumors about the iPhone 7 and its new integrated Home button time. Some analysts believe that will not have Home button , others think it will have 3D technology Touch , and other rumors claim that the iPhone 7 will have a touch - screen integrated into ID ... As you can see, there are theories for all tastes.

It is quite possible that Apple remove the physical button Home , in fact, has leaked a new iPhone photo 7 where we see an integrated, not on the screen, but in the device housing Home button.

Thus, all kinds of problems and Home button functionality is solved Touch ID . As you can see in the images attached, the touch button does not have the circular metal so characteristic of Home button on the iPhone and iPad current ring.

Touch the iPhone Home button 7 work the same way

Of course, the new button Home "touch" or "virtual" will continue to function as the physical button does today. Users can double click on it to open the multitasking of IOS 10 and hold to activate Siri.

Obviously, this rumor to reality, disappear accessibility option that allows users to bring up a virtual Home button on the screen of the iPhone and iPad.

In addition, and this is quite interesting, replacement of the physical Home button on the touch button on the iPhone 7 would allow Apple to maximize the fingerprint reader Touch ID to make it more accurate and much faster.

Chances are that the iPhone 7 photos is not real, especially by the change of position of the FaceTime HD camera and proximity sensor. But everything is possible. Who knows. What we do know is that there are already many rumors about the iPhone Touch Home button 7, and when the river sounds ...

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