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Monday, 27 June 2016

New KFC Chicken Box allow Charge your iPhone

No one had asked, incidentally, was even unnecessary. But ... I could save a good!

KFC, the fast food company crispy chicken drumsticks and wings (also known as Kentucky Fried Chicken), today announced its new idea to fill your stomach ... and fill the battery of your iPhone! 😉

The new box of delicious crispy KFC chicken sate your hunger ... and your smartphone as it incorporates a USB port for charging Lightning iPhone. And for you, Android users, there is also a mini-USB to charge your smartphone. Everyone happy!

Promotion, for now only available in India, shows a new limited edition called "Watt A Box" featuring chicken pieces you want with USB ports and an adapter that any deborador chicken can be used to charge the iPhone.

Check it out! The video is priceless!

The promo video shows an attractive young woman chatting with a guy, who incidentally has asked to go out and ... Whoops! Without battery again, and just when she asked another friend who could answer ... Everything Ok, if not because the message was meant for her friend had sent the boy asked to leave. Oops! 🙂

In short, a very funny video, a rather interesting promotion, although as mentioned above, perhaps unnecessary.

This news brings us inevitably to ask two questions:

1 - Why the coolest promotions always reach other countries? and ... 2 - Why burgers promotions are so damn perfect? 😉

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