New Leaking confirmed that the iPhone 7 shall not headphone jack -


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Monday, 27 June 2016

New Leaking confirmed that the iPhone 7 shall not headphone jack

At this time of year sure you've heard more than once about the possibility that the iPhone 7 will be presented this year will not have headphone jack. According to reports, the US company has declared war to 3.5mm in order to achieve the greatest possible space inside your smartphone.

We still need a few months to leave doubts and know firsthand the iPhone 7, but do not stop rumors and leaks arise about it. Without going any further, last week spoke of the possibility that the iPhone 7 come with support for Dual SIM , but for the moment there is nothing confirmed.

Rumors say that Apple would remove the connector 7 Headphone iPhone to save space inside to take advantage to introduce, for example, a higher capacity battery. However, some consider the reason is none other than getting the iPhone 7 to be even thinner.

Apple would eliminate the headphone jack on the iPhone 7

During these months the opinions about this possibility have been varied. On one side are those who believe that removing the connector 7 Headphone iPhone would be unacceptable, while on the other hand there are users willing to accept change if Apple makes up for something impressive.

So far we have seen numerous leaked images of the iPhone, but none reaffirmed the rumor of removing the headphone jack. However, recently it leaked an image that would confirm a little more the possibility of eliminating 3.5mm jack.

This is an image of what appears to be the back cover of the iPhone 7 where it is clear that there is no headphone jack on the bottom edge. Instead, you can see there is a second grid for the speaker, leaving one on either side of the Lightning connector.

On the other hand, from PhoneArena they highlight a couple of things over these images. On the one hand, we can see that the iPhone rear camera 7 does not excel as much as in previous models, and on the other hand, the lines of the antennas change of location for located around the upper and lower edges of the smartphone.

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