NEWS Abosluto to abosuto Control of anonymity, Internet evolution -


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Saturday, 4 June 2016

NEWS Abosluto to abosuto Control of anonymity, Internet evolution

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Years ago, back in the 90s, a thing called internet began to enter my life. A computer engineering student in the computer center of the School had access to a world of possibilities, yes, it was rare to find something in Spanish, could more or less imagine what that would become. The evolution of the old BBS was there, was present and few people outside of that scene, I knew what it was. We were at a time when few could connect to the internet and those who did were almost complete anonymous on the net. As much you could identify the computer from which you dialed but who connected. It was an anonymous internet in practice, we are now in a state of control of the internet.


Beyond that could identify or someone who was sitting in front of a PC that was connected to the large network that was becoming internet, so there was nowhere near it was the correlation of information. pages visited, times at which visits sites (now mobile) from where dialed in, etc. You, as a "navigator object on the network" you were nothing, did not have its own entity and of course any marketing company could be aware of every step realizabas on the network.


In a short time, and in 1998 he founded Google , a number of people realized the great potential that would "spy" people. Extending the actual model spy in some regimes in some countries they had launched, to life on the Internet and oriented only to the marketing principle to the idea of ​​making money with the knowledge they could get from our behavior in net. We had passed a 100% controlled internet.

In the transition from a completely anonymous internet in practice we had gone to a completely controlled internet we had changed our lifestyles. We had gone from living, only a privileged few, an hour a day internet can live 2-3 hours a day to get ADSL and popularize access to the network at home. But not content with this, with the advent of smartphones control at 24 hours and extends above and not only our navigation is controlled by internet but we controlled our "surfing" on the real world. Where we go, how long we are and each time with greater precision. Internet control has become all.

Also, now it is not controlled device as the source of the IP internet but we are controlling us, with our account Google, Apple or whatever. And no matter what computer, smartphone or tablet we connect, we will be identified at all times. They have our fingerprints, internet control is absolute.


And, how you are achieved correlate all this information, enormous amount of information for each person in the world, and more than 1200 million mobile, they say, now not only to companies interested in selling you something but governments and agencies, everything about you, even more than what you know? Well thanks to bigdata. That processing power companies like Google or Apple have is what makes this possible.

Moreover, by now you are identified by an account, and who controls Internet (companies, agencies and governments) know it's you, but the day, and must take into account that will not be far away, where no that you identify expressly you'll be identified by your fingerprint. Knowing which pages you connect, since physical locations, using that technology, what time and countless more parameters may know that's you without you you've identified. This is the end, the network of absolute control.

The road has been rapid, more than it appears, in less than 30 years have passed from a network of freedom and anonymity to a network where control is absolute and wider than it has ever suffered humans. Nor in the Democratic Germany Stasi it was controlled people like this. And you do you think?

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