Now Installed Apps on your Apple TV will hide the top downloads on the App Store -


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Thursday, 2 June 2016

Now Installed Apps on your Apple TV will hide the top downloads on the App Store

Few months, in February 2016, joined Apple makes video previews of apps in the App Store of TVOS. Now, Apple has reinserted more changes in the online store, this time in the top downloads.

Now the applications installed on the fourth - generation Apple TV no ​​longer appear in the top downloads from the App Store.

The changes appear to have been applied in the past week, in fact, from CP also we noticed that a couple of downloaded applications had disappeared mysteriously from the top of most downloaded apps from the App Store TVOS.

A very good news for developers

Some users disagree with this new strategy for Apple, since removing the top apps download other applications on the top, a very smart for users to download more applications downloaded appear method. In addition, they can no longer know whether installed apps continue or not in the top downloads.

However, this is very good news for independent developers, since their applications will have many more opportunities to reach the top free and paid downloads in the App Store.

The change will allow Apple TV users find applications more easily. Since this section is usually dominated by apps like Netflix or crossy road.

As for the iOS App Store, it seems not to have these new changes. Moreover, Apple will introduce innovations in the App Store during the WWDC, as the integration of apps searches through payments.

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