Now with iOS 10 you can prioritize downloads through 3D Touch -


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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Now with iOS 10 you can prioritize downloads through 3D Touch

Thanks to 3D touch that have been included in the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, you can do many things, such as cancel or pause downloads of applications. Now iOS 10 allows you to prioritize a single download from the App Store at the expense of others, through actions with 3D Touch. This new feature was found by accident by a user of the social network Reddit restoring your iPhone running a beta version of IOS 10 from a backup iCloud, allowing you to prioritize application download 3D touches.

To prioritize a download from the App Store on iOS 10 press the icon on the main screen of the application that is downloading or updating and select the priority downloading the shortcut menu.

 What this does is stop downloading other applications temporarily pending the Prioritized download.

The shortcut appears only if multiple applications are being downloaded at the same time.

The owners of older iPhones that do not have 3D touch can continue to give priority to their downloads from the App Store as before, by clicking on the icon of the application are downloaded but with an important distinction: touching the icon the current download is paused instead of give priority to it.

It would be great if iOS 10 uses 3D Touch to let us postpone application updates or hide updates completely in the App Store. Better yet, an option not to download updates specific application would be much appreciated.

In any case, this new option 3D Touch in iOS 10 will make it easier for people to prioritize your downloads from the App Store and should be particularly useful when the device is restored from a backup iCloud, when the application you want to use the latter in the download queue.

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