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Saturday, 11 June 2016

On the eve of the upcoming WWDC event, Siri takes center stage

On the eve of the upcoming WWDC event, as in every year, there are certain expectations about the issues that are going to play in the event. In the international developer conference is expected to discuss the great advances in software as Apple iOS, OS X or is macOS?, WatchOS and others.

On the side of iOS Apple 10 is expected to apply even a slight redesign of the operating system for mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad. Without going too far, this week has circulated a rumor with concept images as apollo 10 that iOS will include a dark theme that would help users to better view the content when the device screen is exposed to bright light.

While it is a rumor, it is based to the dark theme that presents the official website of the WWDC like the dark interface of your app.

It is also expected that at the opening of the event to publicize an SDK for Siri that will integrate the intelligent personal assistant in third party applications without complications. This will open a new way for developers to create applications with the integration of Siri.

Following Siri, the rumor that the wizard will also integrate voice in OS X, since a series of images that would confirm that Apple is working on it, though it is not known filtered run if it will be announced officially in the event in conjunction with OS X 10.12 or be a feature to oblivion.

Finally, on the side of wachOS, his third and version with major changes, one of which the most important are expected autonomy will be the operating system to run their own applications itself without relying on an iPhone.

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