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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Ontrack EasyRecovery: How to recover data from your iPhone, iPad and Mac

Every day, we store in our devices all data saved games from games to photographs, through videos, passwords, web pages, movies, applications, etc.

But all these data can be lost in seconds, since Apple does not store all content in iCloud. So if your iPhone, iPad or Mac is damaged for any reason we run the risk of losing all data.

. If that's the case, fear not, today we bring you the solution Ontrack EasyRecovery is a software Kroll Ontrack can recover data from all kinds of devices: phones, tablets, hard drives, PCs, Macs, tapes, SDD cards and a so on.

How to recover data from your device with Ontrack EasyRecovery

Whether you are an individual like you have a company that works with computers, you'll need software that can recover data from any hard and able to adapt to any system disk.

Ontrack EasyRecovery is a very useful and effective tool to recover damaged files and / or lost.

There are three different versions of software: Easy Recovery 11 Home, Easy Recovery 11 Professional, and Enterprise Easy Recovery 11.

Each of these versions has its features and advantages, for example with Easy Recovery 11 Enterprise have the opportunity to use advanced tools like Hex Viewer and functions as Refresh disk, in addition to retrieve software and hardware RAID and get a support network for recovery of remote systems.

Buy Ontrack EasyRecovery 11

The good thing about this software is that it allows users to download a free trial version before buying the tool. Here we show the prices for each version and attach your link to purchase the software.

Ontrack EasyRecovery 11 Home: 89 € | Buy

Ontrack EasyRecovery 11 Professional: 179 € | Buy

Ontrack EasyRecovery Enterprise 11: 499 € | Buy

As mentioned above, from the website of Ontrack Data Recovery have the opportunity to download the free version of the software.

Tip: To recover all lost data files and need to download and install the software on another system storage unit or other device, never use the software on the drive you want to recover.

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