Patent Infringement FaceTime Declined in 2015 back to the Court -


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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Patent Infringement FaceTime Declined in 2015 back to the Court

A few days ago we mentioned a new case of patent lawsuits that came to prohibit the sale of the iPhone 6 in China . Interestingly, the applicant company barely existed.

According to the lawsuit, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus infringe Apple design patents used by the company in the smartphone Baili 100C, which is no longer in production for some time after the debacle of Baili.

Today, another patent infringement case has reached the courts, but not about a new case, since it was rejected in 2015. FaceTime, the video system and chat Apple could infringe up to 5 patents.

The patents were owned by NetSpeak Corporation

NetSpeak Corporation was contriving to market a product called WebPhone. The five patents that FaceTime could be infringed; 6,009,469, 6,108,704, 6,131,121, 6,701,365 and 7,149,208, they are pending re-examination.

Patents help two devices to be linked together in a network that either device is connected. For example, the user of a smartphone "1" opens a VoIP application to make a call to a smartphone "2" when the app is opened, retransmits the IP address to a server that collects information and tells the user 1 is on-line. If it is determined that the user 2 is online, the server sends the IP address to the first user.

Thus, Apple could be infringing patents by tracking the IP addresses of users by Apple Push Network services and Session Initiation Protocol. On the other hand, FaceTime hardware that integrates devices such as iPhone, iPad, or Mac might infringe the technology used 20 years ago in the WebPhone. We will keep you informed about all the news and current affairs of this case.

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