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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Publican iPhone7 conceptual renderings dark edition

The news that the iPhone 7 would come in a darker color leaked today that the gray space that has been seen so far in smartphones and other Apple devices. This rumor came from "error" committed by another rumor, since the beginning of last week it was believed that the seventh generation of smartphones Apple would come in a dark blue (deep blue), when in fact it seems that is a dark gray.

This new tonality come to replace the classic gray space of the last iterations smartphone Cupertino company and as if that were not enough, and are circulating conceptual images of what would be the device in a darker gray.

It seems that the iPhone 7 will borrow space Apple Watch black color, making replacement to the current choice of spatial gray on current iPhones.

It would be an interesting alternative color to see in the future smartphone, as the gray space has been around for several generations, although their shades have varied from year to year. Then we'll show some of the renderings that have gone out.

The change in color, darker gray, is an idea accepted by the majority and in conjunction with some hardware changes, help Apple to rebound in the market for smart devices. It is believed that the Cupertino company plans to make minor changes to the iPhone 7 borrowing the exterior design of the 6th generation iPhone and changing / adding internal components.

Among the possible outputs of three models of iPhone, the iPhone 7, 7 Pro and 7 Plus, the Cupertino company plans to launch its next generation of smartphones in September this year, along with the official release of the operating system for mobile devices, iOS 10.

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