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Monday, 27 June 2016

Retro section: Where has gone the mobile antenna?

For a long time was a classic gesture. Before picking up the phone, remove the antenna. A movement of about three seconds, reserved in many cases the yuppie world who could spend almost $ 4,000 in terminals as the Motorola DynaTAC, the first mobile history.

The antenna became a feature of mobile phones, the typical appearance that always stood out in a pictogram. Today, however, is an element that has completely disappeared design of current smartphones, so much so that someone born in 2000 could not recognize these pictograms. Today that projection has been replaced by a square design and a huge screen.

Mobile antenna: a gradual disappearance

But the absence of the antenna is not exclusive to smartphones, it did not need a revolution like that assumed these devices connected to the designers decided to remove that annoying element. Who they came to have antenna terminals will remember how easy it was that t and also engaged the out of pocket, apart from not being overly aesthetic.

Mobile antennas had already evolved from the 20 centimeters of the first phones. To put into perspective the length of the antenna, like the Nexus phablet 6P which is a big- phone has 15 centimeters high. Of course at that time the phones were mobile, but that does not mean pocket.

20 centimeters to just a few

The first major milestone in this regard was again Motorola, which built the first device that really could carry in your pocket, the Motorola MicroTAC, launched in 1989 with 23 centimeters high. The first models of the series were distinguishable by the base of the antenna, a large bump from which it spread. As they advanced models of the series, this base was reduced

The retractable antenna long time transformed into a leaving about four centimeters. Yes, that you will always hooked to your pocket when you were trying to get in a hurry. But the great milestone that this element would disappear forever from mobile not arrive until 1998.

Nokia 8810, the first terminal with internal antenna

Come, like so many other things, the hand of a legendary Finnish brand: the Nokia 8810, the first phone that had an internal antenna. It had a rectangular design without any projections-and a sliding cover on the very characteristically keyboard. Over time, this feature was reaching all phones over time, making the external antenna thing of the past.


Since then, except for some sick peculiar design, mobile phones have been rectangular and no protrusions to get signal. But it has also brought some problems and headaches, because sometimes we can find reception problems because of the position of the antennas. The most famous was the so - called Antennagate, which affected the iPhone 4, which allegedly lost signal depending on how you cogieras.

If an alien came to Earth and saw a current smartphone and design of the first Motorola mobile it may cost him understand that-in many respects are treated the same device. And not only by the size and antenna, the keyboard has disappeared to make way for a touch screen and photo cameras.

Who knows what's next to disappear? Well, yes, the headphone jack.

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