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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

RoverCraft: Build your own Space Vehicle on iPhone and iPad

Finding a good game on the App Store is not easy. There are hundreds of them with great graphics and amazing cinematics, but sometimes, a good game is not measured by its graphics, but by their level of addiction, its mechanics, its gameplay, controls ...

In fact, the most addictive games are usually the simplest. This is the case of RoverCraft, which has rather poor graphics, but offers a fabulous game mechanics and a phenomenal gameplay.

In RoverCraft for iPhone and iPad you can create your own space vehicle parts and explore different worlds filled with obstacles, mountains, ramps and precipices.


The aim of the game is quite simple, in RoverCraft you'll be an astronaut who must design and build a spacecraft to achieve the spacecraft reach of each planet. Obviously, the farther you get in each level, the more points you get, and thus get more coins to upgrade your vehicle.


The most interesting thing RoverCraft for iPhone and iPad is that, on each planet, you have to completely change the elements of your space vehicle. In some levels you need propellers, other need-wheel grip, others need a more rugged vehicle, etc. There are a lot of elements to create the vehicle (wheels, batteries, housings, utilities ...), even different clothes for your character. In the building board you can move these items to place them in any box to mount your vehicle, no doubt, it is one of the most creative ideas RoverCraft. Finally, it is noteworthy to mention that you can collect coins and extra battery for each level.


After creating your space ship and choose the level, different controls on the screen to manage your vehicle will appear. At the bottom you can see some indicators such as energy, battery and speed. In the lower right corner is the accelerator pedal, and in the lower left corner on the brake pedal. Additionally, a new button if you buy thrusters, appears to use the turbo.


It's amazing how such a simple game can be so entertaining. Just try to beat your previous records to keep hooked RoverCraft for iPhone and iPad. In addition, the game allows you to unlock content such as clothing, upgrades, wheels, planets ... These different elements make gameplay even better. And if we add a relaxing soundtrack, a roulette wheel to win prizes and daily challenges becomes a unique and highly recommended game.


Rovercraft free, it is compatible with all models of iPhone and iPad, and requires iOS 8. You can get the game from the download widget below we include below:

We will continue exploring the iOS App Store in search of the most interesting games of the moment. Meanwhile, if you have not caught your attention this recommended game, you can always take a look at this collection of 10 games for iPhone and iPad not move the couch . They are the best of today!

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