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Saturday, 18 June 2016

Scorpio compete with Xbox One PlayStation 4 Neo

We previously discussed the rumors about the new console that Microsoft may be preparing to counter the impact of the Playstation 4 Neo.

Which will be capable of supporting 4K and give greater definition to virtual reality games, and at that time dubbed her as Xbox One Scorpio.

However, recently it has ended up being a reality, Microsoft has introduced its Project Scorpio. The project scorpio a revised and expanded version of Xbox One will be able to play video games natively in 4K resolution.

Phil Spencer, the current main division responsible for the Xbox One, has kept that ace in the hole for the final stretch of the conference Redmond. And it has done with a trailer in which abundant developers have shown their unconditional support to the machine.

"The important thing is that Scorpio is a big step in terms of hardware for us, and it will make no one is left behind. We see many games at 4K resolution and see how virtual reality is being done with an important space in PC.

Project Scorpio is, in fact, an Xbox One that can run natively games 4K. And that is built with the possibilities of hardware needed to support high-end virtual reality as you can see in console "

Phil Spencer said during his speech. He continued commenting ...

"When it launches will be the most powerful game console ever built"

is not sure yet if it will be the most powerful as they claim, because Sony has itself filtering the characteristics of its Neo. And Microsoft still only exposes their own opinions based project, so everything will wait to see if it is true that achieve the most powerful console on the market today.

Currently there are no prices for the Xbox One Project Scorpio. What we do know is that supposed treasures compatibility with all previous models of Xbox One. Another thing known is that it has "six teraflops of power in your graphics, 3GB per second of memory, 8 CPU".

As for the release date of the Xbox One Project Scorpio and we know that will appear in the final stretch of 2017.

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