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Sunday, 12 June 2016

'Siri opens the settings in the window'

Siri is expected to be a major player in the upcoming WWDC event which will start on Monday, but on the eve of the event, already revealing some clues walk through the voice assistant. A user of IOS came to ask questions of the personal assistant voice, resulting in a more than interesting answers.

The user has asked on your phone the following: 'Siri opens the settings in the window' and the voice assistant referred to respond "Finder" 'does not seem to have an application with the name Finder'.

Obviously, iOS does not currently have the OS X Finder application, it seems that Siri lets out a detail as possible about the inclusion of voice assistant on Mac earlier than expected, or even adding Finder for iOS 10.

According to the latest rumors hovering around OS X, it is speculated that Apple may be working on the implementation of Siri in the operating system for desktops and laptops, although it is not clear whether this new feature will be implemented in OS X 10.12.

On the other hand, a file system updated for iOS 10 and focused on implementing Finder is a possibility, but most likely would be added to Siri Mac.

Along with Siri for Mac, it seems that an overall improvement for personal voice assistant is planned since at least iOS 10 Siri probably will have an API for developers where they can integrate third-party applications in the voice assistant.

At the moment we have to wait until the opening ceremony of the WWDC Apple will begin on June 13 and end on 17th of the same month in San Francisco (USA), with major announcements as the arrival of iOS 10 , watchOS 3 OS X 10.12 o MacOS? and much more.

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