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Saturday, 4 June 2016

"Smart" charging cable Meem makes a backup of data simultaneously with smartphone charger

Many users have on their iPhone and iPad important information from contacts in the phone book and valuable photographs and even carefully selected collection of video and audio recordings. The backup procedure if this operation with a purpose, not all owners enjoy mobile device. But according to statistics lose phone quite often, and with them often you lost so inevitable and all its contents.

To always have on hand a medium with a more updated copy of the information from your mobile device, the company has developed Meem Memory modernization cables Lightning standards and micro USB under the name of Meem.

The main difference between Meem, compared with full-time lines became a fixture mounted on acid-green cable unit with a capacity of 16 gb and 32 gb designed to back up data.

Copy or overwrite the contents of the mobile device in the Meem each time the cable is connected to the electronics to charge the battery or перебрасывания information on the computer can automatically occur. Overall, compliance with the "backup" means that the user only has to insert into the connector on the smartphone or tablet single plug, leaving without connecting the other end of the wire.

To change the default settings and control your mobile file will take responsibility for the mobile application. Worrying about the privacy of everyone who was in the middle of Meem makes no sense, and to limit third party access protection function copying the password information is provided.

It's so simple, at first glance, but really necessary to spend заботящемуся invention, on the integrity and security of the information to the buyer a minimum of 50 euros. That amount is proposed to formalize your reservation Meem 16-гигабайтную Android version. Said the price for iOS, a model with a minimum of 32 gb is 75 euros.

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