Snapchat purchase Seene, the startup of 3D photography -


Monday, 6 June 2016

Snapchat purchase Seene, the startup of 3D photography

Snapchat is one of the applications of current fashion, and apparently intends to follow that trail long revamping its product with new features. To do this, Snapchat boys have acquired a startup dedicated to the three - dimensional photography.

Such startup is none other than Seene, the owner of the same application company, which at the time defined as a 3D photo Instagram, leaving clear intentions Snapchat with this acquisition.

Snapchat purchase Seene, the startup of 3D photography

As mentioned, Seene is oriented 3D photography application, where users can share their photos with others dimensional, Instagram style (but in 3D). In addition to the social network, the company researches new uses for recording and editing 3D images , something that would have caught the attention of larger companies, like Snapchat.

Apparently, it is said in Techcrunch , Snapchat seems to have acquired the startup of Seene a couple of months ago, a still unknown number, but say it has not been a very high outlay and can become a very profitable investment for Snapchat.

The trinunfo Snapchat as a social tool is more than demonstrated, and the company has seen the potential of Seene to take a leap of quality in their product. In the near future we hope to share with our contacts dimensional images and followers Snapchat, besides applying numerous filters and effects, or even more ambitious projects such as a version of Snapchat dedicated to virtual reality.

We do not know who will Seene in the coming months, but hopefully not close your application to devote himself to Snapchat, as it is one of the best applications to discover 3D photographs.

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