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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

So are the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Pro Rumor

We have spent several months getting all sorts of rumors and leaks about the iPhone in July . It has been said that the new smartphone is waterproof, which could have a dual camera, which will have a new design lines bands antenna, etc.

However, changes in the appearance of the iPhone 7 will not be very drastic regarding the design of the iPhone 6. Possibly Apple iPhone focus on 2017 because it will be a model created to mark the 10th anniversary.

Changes iPhone 7 will not be monumental, but if it is true that Apple remove the headphone jack smartphone could be quite thinner, and could even have more battery life.

Design iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Pro

Martin Hajek, a graphic designer who has created several concepts of iPhone previously, has compiled all the more plausible rumors about the iPhone 7 and has surprised us with spectacular images of what, we might say, will be the new smartphone next generation Apple.

In principle, the iPhone 7 Pro would be the model that has a higher capacity battery, and a dual camera. However, the name of this iPhone is still unknown, and Apple could simply call it iPhone 7 Plus.

Take a good look at these pictures, because although these are not real photographs of the iPhone 7 will approach (much) design that will have the smartphone. What is your opinion? Do you like the design of the rumored iPhone 7? Do you think Apple should innovate more? Do you like the new design of the antenna bands?

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