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Thursday, 23 June 2016

So are the New Panels iOS10 Control Center

Our dear Control Center iOS has received a major update and a facelift in iOS 10 . Although Apple has not implemented some of the features we expected, as the insertion or customizing buttons, now the Control Center has a new design , and new features.

As you download and install iOS 10 you will notice that the Control Center has changed considerably, now it appears as a floating window with interesting improvements.

The controls for playing music have disappeared from the main interface of the Control Center iOS 10 , but Apple has dedicated a new panel for them that is activated by swiping left on the Control Center.

This change allows the Control Center to have more space and provide a much less cluttered view without many elements of interaction. In addition, iOS 10 will no longer be an ordeal clicking buttons music playback in iOS 9 were too small.

main panel iOS Control Center 10

In natural Control Center interface, the main panel, you'll find classic five buttons (more colorful) for these functions in IOS 10:

  • Airplane mode
  • Wifi
  • Bluetooth
  • Do not bother
  • Orientation lock

Just below these buttons is located the slider to control the brightness of the display. As for the button intended to AirPlay , it has been renamed "screen AirPlay" and has a slightly different user interface.

To the right of the button AirPlay Screen button you see AirDrop , which allows users to share files via Bluetooth.

At the bottom you can observe the Night Shift function iOS 9.3.3 , which has plenty of space thanks to the withdrawal of the playback controls.

Finally, all the way down are the Flash, Camera, Calculator and Timer buttons, and offer features 3D Touch for more advanced options control.

Panel Playback iOS Control Center 10

As mentioned previously, the Control Center now has a special panel dedicated to playing videos and music. It works, more or less, in a manner virtually identical to iOS 9. album, artist, song title, time bar and play and pause buttons.

At the bottom is located volume control, and just below you will find an option to AirPlay which opens a drop down menu to listen to music on an external device via Bluetooth, such as Apple TV or headphones.

HomeKit panel Control Center iOS 10

This is one of the most striking new Control Center in iOS 10, if you go back to slide to the left from the playback control panel you will see the panel HomeKit .

By default, all accessories and gadgets connected HomeKit appear here. There are two views: Accessories Favorites and scenes. You can also use the 3D functions Touch for additional options for your home automation accessories.

Demo video of iOS Control Center 10

One of the things I liked most of iOS Control Center 10 is, apart from its new design, which is able to remember what we were using previously panel. That is, if we close the Control Center from the panel of music playback, to re-enable it continue in the same panel. Is not it great? What do you like most about yourself Control Center in iOS 10?

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