So TVOS 10, the new operating system of Apple TV -


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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

So TVOS 10, the new operating system of Apple TV

Much has been said these days about the possibility that Apple unveiled the new version of its operating system for the Apple TV and finally it has. The company has officially presented the new TVOS 10 will be the next operating system from Apple TV 4 with some pretty interesting news.

The company has made ​​it clear he wants to give greater prominence to its television service streaming and continue betting big on it to provide a television service a la carte quality to its users. Proof of this is to see how the guys Tim Cook keep improving and integrating new services to its "black box".

Among the new comes the famous Dark Mode (or dark mode), the same that can be enjoyed on Mac, which changes the traditional interface on bright white shade to a dark interface between dark gray and black, which can become truly useful when we are using our Apple TV in a room with less light. And in those times that we are in a place where the light is more tenuous (or nonexistent) it comes in handy to have a way that protects our precious eyes a little.

On the other hand, the new TVOS 10 also has a new function that have dubbed "Single sign-on", which makes the task to log on Apple TV applications is much simpler. With this new feature, users will be able to log on to each of the applications to which you are subscribed to is not necessary to do so one by one.

Another new feature has to do with Remote, the application that works like Apple TV remote control in the iPhone and now has a new design that allows us to use Siri with the device. The new TVOS 10 will be available next fall for the fourth-generation Apple TV.

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