Space releases iOS with iCleaner (without Jailbreak) -


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Monday, 13 June 2016

Space releases iOS with iCleaner (without Jailbreak)

Under certain circumstances, an iPhone or iPad user can find different alternatives when free space on iOS, however, are mostly paid or Bugs applications system.

The fact is that Apple has never liked this type of applications that allows the "liberation of space / cleaning" and, although we have several alternatives outside the AppStore, the truth is that very few apps that allow us clean free space or system files

Thanks to Jailbreak, we could free up space or clean junk files; now we do not have Jailbreak we can use a very good alternative called iCleaner that allows us to do the aforementioned without the need Cydia. Given that iCleaner also has a version for devices with Jailbreak.

Based on the above, it must follow exactly the steps shown in the video mentioned below:

  • Access THIS PAGE from the device safari
  • We press the button "Install Zestia" to install the store (profile)
  • Access to the store and select the "iCleaner" application (to install) in the section "All Applications"
  • Change the date of the device (settings, general, date and time) by the year 2012 to be installed correctly
  • Once installed, again put the appropriate date
  • Let adjustments, general management and device profiles and give permits use iCleaner

I have to emphasize that the application of iCleaner mentioned was not developed by the same group that created iCleaner Pro for devices with Jailbreak.

It notes that the app has two cleaning modes, one faster than the other to remove these junk files and then release the necessary space.

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