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Sunday, 12 June 2016

Super Umi, mobile resisting the wilder tests

Mobile is one of the essential devices in the day, but what happens when we fall and break us? Go with a broken screen is not nice and then we wished that the smartphone was more resilient, able to survive falls and blows.

Fortunately there are many ultra-resistant and able to survive scratches, bumps and all kinds of endurance phones.

The mobile that survives under a car

Super Umi is one of them, an ultra -cheap mobile already we have spoken and has been built to get away where others would break.

One test you can see in the following video is to survive being stepped on by a heel of 50 kg, beaten repeatedly. Also it is hit by a car a ton, out with simple scratches. Awesome for a phone that costs less than 200 €. Technology has advanced a lot and Super Umi is an example of this.

There are extra strong mobile to have a look unattractive, but this Super Umi also incorporates the best features: screen 5.5 "Sharp a Helio P10 processor, 4GB of RAM, 4000mAh battery, USB Type C, fingerprint reader and the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Specifications for its price of $ 179 have no rival.

Here 's the video of resistance testing Super Umi. From here we would not do those things with a mobile, but hey, if the result is perfect satisfactory. Hopefully Android a few years ago would have been as follows:

How a rugged mobile is built

To build a smartphone like the Super Umi a series of quality control tests are performed. Falls undergo representing any user could suffer, but more extreme.

In factories have tubes 1 meter high where telephones fall about 30 times. We also have seven centimeters minimum drops to check the grip (like you're at a table) and finally the typical drop test from 1.2 meters.

The video lets you see in detail much of the construction process, from the various layers until the final details. A visit by a mobile factory offered by the company to display the details of its flagship product.

For those interested you can get for 176 € in Gearbest, a succulent price for a phone that offers features well above what we find in that range. A smartphone that not only boasts specifications, also of resistance.

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