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Friday, 3 June 2016

Tesla founder of Apple supports efforts by the Apple Car

At a conference, the founder of the company Tesla, Elon Musk, said Apple will one day be a competitor to the automotive industry, but lacks go a long way to be a serious one.

When asked about possible competition from Apple in the automotive industry with a car autoconducción capabilities, Elon Musk, he expressed support for the efforts of the Cupertino company in the Titan project. But the founder of Tesla adds an extra to their statements saying that:

"I think it's very good to do this, and hope it works , " he said. "In a couple of years ... they will make a good car and will succeed. "

Elon Musk estimates that Apple should have been committed to its electric car project much earlier, adding that Apple Car production is unlikely to start before 2020. The conjecture does not follow the line of the rumors last year that said car Apple would enter production by 2020, a time too optimistic for a company that is having its first experience in the automotive industry.

While Musk anticipating a supposed Apple Car output, he does not see the same thing for Google. Through its X Labs, Google is working with a large group of specialists in an electric car autoconducción, although industry observers believe the Internet search engine plans to license any technology obtained from the project to a major automaker.

It has information that the Cupertino company plans to enter the automotive industry with an electric car with autoconducción feature, under the codename Titan project. It is speculated that the Titan project are working hundreds of specialists, including the vice president of Tesla Motors engineer and programmer CNC of the same company.

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